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code section. that is what all of this is talking about. now, as far as the statement of the law, that is not the department or city's position. obviously there is disputes between these different property owners but for us, asking a notice a violation, this is a typical notice of violation asking the peeling paint be addressed that it be done in a practice manner . >> what he has to do is both, clean up the chips on the neighbors property. >> it appeared to the inspect or at the time he did the notice of violation that that had migrated from the peeling paint from the side of the wall. >> do we know that was because of unsafe practices or just the natural? >> no. we did not observe at any time, any work being done to the property in that there wasn't proper containment. just over time there is deterioration. if work were to begin would require proper containment. >> is there peeling paint on the other side? >> i'm not aware if there was. it was not the subject that we were looking at at the time. it's the wall that is at issue before you. >> okay. >> go ahead. so just 2 questio
that they need. we also believe that it will make it easier for law enforcement to enforce this ordinance. i also have that for the record, for public records, submission, some of the pamphlets that are given by the protestors with false information regarding birth control and the effects of abortions. and along with a couple of statements from several patients that have been harassed. and then, finally i have got some pictures and i don't know if i would be able to display them here today. >> slide down. >> sorry, some of these pictures. >> they show the narrowness of the sidewalk as you can see there, you can see if you were coming into our health center you would have to walk, and navigate your way through this and very narrow sidewalk, the intimidation intent of it is very clear and as you can see from this photo, they put the camera there, and you can see a video camera, right there, filming people that are coming into the health center and filming the staff, the staff also is intimidated and one of the woman walked into the health center and woke up a patient and started telling her how tha
to these incidents. and the key question for us was what are the laws that are currently in place and how do we enforce those laws to make sure that these workers and these women are protected and that is when we started talking about forcing on enforcement of the bubble ordinance and something that we have tried and did for a while and quite frankly, the bubble ordinance has not worked. it has not given the tools for the city agencies that are involved to protect these women and these workers. and it is at that time that we started thinking about different options after trying that kind of implementation, if you will, for a few months. and we talked about the creation of a white zone ordinance. and and again the goal here was to strike a balance between the protection of people's right to free speech. and the right of women and men and families to access healthcare at these clinics and an ordinance was crafted and interview and passed by this board of supervisor and we tried to enforce that white zone ordinance in conjunction with the bubble ordinance and yet the intimidation and the harassmen
. a protestors sits in a while chair six feet from the front door, it allows her to violate the 8 foot bubble law, she can get within a foot or two of our patients to shot out and harass them and attempt to give them anti-abortion propaganda, in february, a woman entered the health center, woke up a client and harassed her, you know the story, i just want to thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> i am going to read a few more names, paul, applegate, laerry mcneill, and daurety >> good morning supervisors i am lawyer hon and the president of the woman's political committee, we are san francisco largest and most active woman's political organization. and we are dedicated to issues facing women and families here in our city including access to safe medical services and i am here today to represent the thousands of san francisco women that our organization engages with and formally support this proposed buffer zone ordinance, from time-to-time, even our organization finds it necessary to exercise our first amendment right and publicly demonstrate, but as supervisor campos said, this strikes a
on transgander and why we're working with the law center, the human rights commission, national center for lesbian rights so we can reform policy within the local criminal justice system in the jails so we're more sensitive and accommodating and effective with the transgender population that we are seeing up tick that is in the county jail system and as sheriff i vow to make sure that we are leading and continue to lead here in the state and beyond in what those policies look like as a result of evictions and this is a whole another story and one that i had many conversations with tommi mecca and others in the audience about by the time they come to the sheriff's department there is a court order process and we have to remain agnostic in this process and execute the order itself. the elected sheriff me and we colleagues across the country have discretion to delay an eviction if there is insufficient information about those potentially being evicted or if they're from a sensitive class meaning elderly or disabled, those suffering from illness and that has to be resolved in the court pr
example. jackson hole, wyoming, and poem broke, florida passed a law about the right know about cell phones. but it didn't require posting information at the point of sale. your information is widespread. i am releasing to you today a new study that is just today about the galley written with [speaker not understood] the chief of neurooncology at the university of california san diego as well as some of the world's top epidemiologists and we find in that study something quite important to the bill that you passed, which is that those who began using cell phones as teen agers have four to eight more times brain cancer by the time 10 years has lapsed. rosemary has seeded her time to me if i may continue. >> you only have two minutes. >>> thank you. the science today is stronger than it was at the time you passed this law. i will read you a quote from the directeder of the international agency for the r on cancer, christopher wild who said, on behalf of the world health organization which decided that cell phone radiation is a, "possible human carcinogen," he made this remark. "giv
and in fact there is law on this particular issue as pointed out in the reply statement. the law never requires impossibilities. that's a code from civil code section 3531. no man is responsible for that which no man can control. that's civil code section 3526. and no one can take advantage of his own wrong or in this case her own wrong, civil code section 3517. this is the law of the state of california. and the department is ignoring it. this board does not have that luxury. >> before we go on to the department rebuttal, i want to focus that we are here to talk about the paint chips that landed on the adjacent property and that's what the violation was about, right? >> no. that's not what it's about. the condition is
that their drivers are not even paying taxes which are the law by the irs making transactions of a thousand dollars or more remember this applies to taxi drivers or anybody. i could give you some more if you are interested >> thank you. next speaker, please and a (calling names). >> herbert senior citizen at risk. i noticed the last meeting the conduct of the participants were incriminated upon. the question i would like to propose if a bicyclists had their my case lanes removed on the street there would be such outrage you would have to call in the tax squad. the thing about this the parking spaces are being defended by those people and its endsable. the fact is people only shop once a week in contrast to people they could be making a thousand dollars in a purpose and those parking spaces are always in demand and so to remove them is really very destructive. i feel the bicyclists feeling is today hope street tomorrow the world. it will not hamper bicycling at all also in respect to the accident bicyclists have been struck how many of them went against the red light. we have to statistics about
at pier 80. osprey a protected under the federal law called the any congratulated treaty. it's - this law is enforced by the fish and wildlife serve. it protects a lot of birds their eggs and nests as well. for the seagulls we're concerned about the western gulls. in particular regards to bird nests conversations with bird life staff their guidance documents and also federal and state management plans consistently indicate that nests in the process have been constructed are not active nests. the n ta does not prevent - knocking down nests that are empty are not a threat. so this speaks to the heart of the pier 80 as i'll describe. if i saw the article you may recall or you may recall from last spring as well that we celebrated having a pair of osprey show up at our according terminal and nest on top of one of the according cranes. we allowed the osprey to raise their chicks. the end of september 2012 the port removed the nests. we did after consulting with the san francisco group and also a communication with auto bond. after that there was wire placed on top of the crane to detour the bi
important service. more cabs is also crucial to restoring some semblance of the law and order to the transportation services on the streets in san francisco. and i don't believe that you're being asked yet to decide exactly how their to go distributed but i want to commits on the s program it's a success program. i do note there's a suggestion to reduce the hours but i hope i won't break this successful program. and a (calling names) >> hi i guess i'm stuck in a time warp. some people missed the fact i said a lot of critical things about your people and i'd like to thank attorney morley and others for the battle against the illegal ride sharing services that they took to the c puc. i think the doctor did an excellent study, however, the part about the ride sharing services is very much lacking. someone said there's about 2 thousand of them on the street that's correct. if the cpr allows them to become legal the market for the taxis may totally tank. if you're going to put out 1 hundred and 20 cabs you'll cover it if the thing does tank. thank you very much >> (calling names)
doesn't feel that i'm working within the confines of the law. the truth is in san francisco, with the building department as it currently stands and with the state contractors licensing board i have all the qualifications necessary to do this work and the training logs as the epa requires and all the circumstances will be done. >> i believe this and i do know about the laws about lead. if you are certified. >> i'm certified as personally as a supervisor and my company is certified. >> you told me that your workers have been trained. >> they are trained as as supervisor i log their training but they don't personally need to go to the certification class. >> but not your certification bus there is a training for them. >> no. there is an 8 hour rrp certification that is given to one qualified employee of the company. that's me. >> not your workers in >> they are not legally required to be through that training. >> they have not done it? >> they have not done it because i am legally allowed to train them and as their supervisor i have to maintain all the best practices. >> okay.
'm here today to tell you as the president of the environmental health trust why i believe that this law that you passed is very important. it has already had a major impact. the law being considered environmental health trust work with the supervisors with harry lehman who just spoke, distinguished attorney, ellie [speaker not understood]. it should send a message to you this is an important public health measure. last week i testified before the d.c. city council on the same issue. you actually have inspired the world. i have met with mayors in helsinki alone and people are taking up the message that people have a right to know about cell phone safety.
services commissioner on our board and has been for several years. she has run her own elder law -- elder issues law practice and worked for the s.f. city attorney's office representing child welfare workers. she's very articulate and knowledgeable about budget and finance matters and has made a valuable contribution to our board. and i just wanted to add she has the full support of her fellow board members and the public authority. trisha, you may have read her e-mail, but due to the current state of her disability, she's pretty much confined to her apartment. we teleconference her into all our meetings. she served on the san francisco public authority board also for several years. four of these are renominations, excuse me. and she's been board secretary for most of that time. she is also a wheelchair user and a younger consumer of ihss services. she's also been a disability rights advocate of many years both at planning for elders and she continues to work with community living campaign. in addition to the long-term care coordinating council and the community alliance for disability ad
percent even though our rule says they can only charge 3 percent. this is the law of the land of the united states of america you can't charge minimum in dollars and i can go to the credit and you can fill that out for yourself. i suggest to the drivers to put a sign of credit card accepted which dollar minimum and you'll be all right. and the other things i want to talk about we talk about in the town meeting if you're going to allow the cab companies to so-called dispatch to the center app the problem is still going to be there. what you need to do is when people called red or yellow or other other companies they can see the four block radius you can see them. you can see in if the yellow cabs are available for them fine they can get the cab right now right away. then they can make their choices. and the second thing or the third thing there is no u turn for the taxi. there's a difficult situation over there on sutter street >> moniker to address that? >> i'd like to a take into account the credit cards charging 5 percent. also the california trains thing is right
presentation. while fair housing law does require a land lor to require a reasonable accommodation it doesn't say they grant it. it simply states that a conversation goes on with what would work with the individual with the qualified disability, but i wanted to first focus on the housing work that alrp does. we provide two staff attorneys who focus exclusively on housing. i could have a small army of attorneys working exclusively on housing issues. we handled over 630 housing cases last year. of our housing clients more than 80% are lgbt and more than 60% of our clients are over 50. we handle a full array of legal issues, so everything from evictions to habitablity to rent increases. we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of evictions. many are for owner move in and evictions and as you're away the ellis act doesn't have to be filed in order for the individual to be threatened with the ellis act eviction and they have to negotiate with the landlord because there know there is no defense to the ellis act eviction so those kinds of evictions are on the rise and concern for ou
jacks in the law and it was enforced and contributed to the isolation and problems with safety, so we had hearings last year. i think in the fall and winter of this year and we are delighted to say that legislation passed urkts nan mousily and pass by the mayor. >> that's very good. >> thank you for that. of course now there is more work to be done to improve living conditions for seniors and people in sro's i don't want to go through all of the recommendations because i know you're short on time and some are with enforcement and working with department of public health and others and there are consequences when landlords let things go. there are other new policies and having desk clerks in sro's, training for staff, physical accessibility and elevators and that came up today and that is a big one, access to nutritious food and what outreach can we do and people can getting access to benefits and disaster planning and long-term we have recommendations in the report and make sure people can form a tenant council and not attended by management so people can speak freely, having on si
need to make sure that any lgbt person in san francisco -- we need a fuller law to cover bullying with sexual minorities and others and as the sheriff talk. when i was in jail for winking at a man for a funeral a year ago i learned that the jail does better than the hotels do. they allow a lot of violence and people in the closet don't come out, still don't come out. that's why they want to get naked at 72. they are finally coming out. this is april's fool day and it's the first and they can't get visitors on the first and the third and san francisco we need to rise up and make it better for everyone in the nation and as we get marriages for all. thank you for bringing this year and look forward to working with you and making san francisco a leader in lgbt human rights. thank you. >> thank you. and john will be our final speaker. come on up. >> good afternoon. my name is john shooker. i have worked in san francisco for bottom 40 years [inaudible] as a host of a radio show. put on about a thousand shows in this town. had wonderful support, battered womens' shelters et cet
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)

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